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Billie-Joe Ingrams

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About Me

I'm a young Thespian who would happily live his life doing acting for free if the rest of the world was free, acting is not a fame gain in my eye it is an enjoyment and a story telling love that I want to give to the rest of the world. I aim to be not a paid actor, but a actor worth watching.


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The Key Problem

Description: I own none of this footage, I am only a actor in the video. all rights are reserved by the Farnborough uni

Audio Reels

Killing Chuck - Gabriel Davis



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 -  Film (Student)
 -  Musicals
 -  Panto
 -  Radio
 -  Theatre (Fringe)
 -  Theatre (Professional)
 -  Theatre (Touring)


 -  Birmingham
 -  Cockney
 -  Devon
 -  Essex
 -  Geordie
 -  Gloucester
 -  Liverpudlian
 -  London
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Specialist Areas

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Dance Skills

 -  Rock & Roll



 -  Clown
 -  Comedian
 -  Speciality Act
 -  Stunt Artist

Extras Work, Partipant, Contestant

Physical Details

White/ Caucasian
Skin Colour:
5 ft 9 in
Dress Size:
42 in
30 in
Shoe Size:
8.5 UK
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Hair Style:

Languages Spoken

 -  English

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

name Role Director/Writer Producer
The Key Problem. Ethan Chloe Caldwell/Jessica Eade Andrea Caruso
Monologue slam Astronaut Gavin Maxwell Nescot USR
Nescot Variety Billy Myself Nescot USR
Nescot Variety show Steve Self-devised Nescot USR
Loserville Scifi Con host Jamie Roberts Nescot USR
Monologue Slam Nick Gavin Maxwell Nescot USR (3rd place winner)
100Db Detective 1 Leanne Bentley Nestcot USR
Pronoun SMT Gavin Maxwell Nescot USR
12 weeks later Victim Gavin Maxwell Nescot USR
Little Shop Of Horrors Orin Scrivello Lucy Buchan Addington High
Bugsy Malone Boxer/Down’N’out Lucy Buchan Addington High
Story of Jesus (one of) Three wise men Samantha Salts Castle hill Primary

Qualifications & Training

- Currnetly studying: HND Performing arts.
- Obtained: Performing Arts BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma. (DDM)
- Obtained: Functional Skills Maths. (PASS)
- Obtained: 9 GCSE’S at High school.
- Obtained: 3 BTEC’S at High school.

Other Information

Relevant Skills

Drumming: trained in 3 types of drums.
Trained in prop and set making.
Artistic skills.

Interests & Hobbies

Doctor who,

Miscellaneous Information

Theatre to me is being able to share a life at isn’t mine and seeing through the eyes of another. Everyone has a story through a play, even if they are not the main role, it is your choice to make that characters story. “We’re all story’s in the end, so let’s make it a good one” –Matt Smith.
Studying higher education will open new windows to me and allow me to enhance my love for acting and theatre. I am a very ambitious person who is always ready to take on new challenges, no matter how hard they seem such as: Improvisation and mask work that I learnt as part of my course. What I might lack in experience I make up with confidence and commitment to the challenge. During my studies I have been trained in many different skills such as contemporary theatre, physical theatre, a range of dance styles and singing/vocal training. Nescot UpStageRight has offered me many different opportunities, such as the 2014 National Theatre Connections project, performing the play “Pronoun” which we performed at London’s SOHO Theatre. This production has really added to my experience, getting to perform at a professional venue gave me a taste of what the professionals have every day, which feels exhilarating, it challenged me, because it is something I’ve never experienced, this has inspired me to go on and continue with stage acting.
Coming up to my last year of college, this year I have made sure I put myself out for everything available, I had put myself down for a main in, Be Your Best UK Rock Challenge, I will also be going for a main in the upcoming musical Loserville, which we are undergoing a series of vocal training and singing classes as a company beforehand so we can improve on our voice range and technique. I also managed to get through to the finals of NESCOT’s Monologue slam and place third, something which I mainly wanted to achieve this year, the whole upcoming year is just another challenge I am willing to take on and succeed in.
When working with others I enjoy being able to get the whole group involved and make sure everyone has their equal share. I’m always dedicated to whatever I put my head to and enjoy working with different types of people. I feel that maintaining a steady social life helps with people skills and helps me out in my improvisations and character studies. This was clear to me when I did my work experience in a shop because I had to interact with people I’ve never met before and had to build a conversation from nothing.
My mind is full of different types of ideas so one of my main hobbies is drawing, because it allows me to express myself through paper and image. I also very much enjoy watching and completing TV series because I always see different types of characters, which help me with character development. More seen as a skill than a hobby I also used to enjoy playing drums because it keeps focus and it teaches me to think quickly with rhythm changes.
Overall my goal for the future is to portray a story of someone’s life to an audience willing to watch. It gives me great joy and pleasure to perform for others who enjoy watching, I aim to not be a paid actor but an actor others enjoy to watch.

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