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29th March 2019   JOB CLOSED 
Greater Manchester
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Elysiad is a new superhero universe inspired by the comic book genre. The Elysiad stage show is the second production of theatre company Carnival of Eternal Light. The Elysiad web series is the debut production of Carnival’s screen and media subsidiary – Eternal Light Adventures.

Auditions for these two projects are being held on Sunday March 31st from 12pm – 6pm in Manchester City Centre. Rehearsals for the Elysiad stage show will begin from the week commencing 22nd April to the 2nd June, on Wednesday and Sunday’s, ahead of our two performances at the Liverpool Fringe Festival on June 5th & 12th. The web series will be filmed over the coming months with filming commencing on episodes 1 and 2 from the 16th May through June. It is our aim to hold the premier of episode one at this year’s Manchester Comic Con followed by a Q&A panel. All filming for the web series will take place at location in Manchester and Greater Manchester.

Elysiad tells the story of superhero The Libertine, eccentric Professor Razor and overworked Detective Benson as they try to hold the pillars of the once almighty society of the city Elysiad together. Together they must foil supervillains such as the time stopping Ticking Shadow, the demon host The Hex, gun wielding Bullett and the extremely powerful Speculum among so many more. The narrative of the stage show differs from that of the web series, offering a chance to explore some of our characters through the mediums of ballet, contemporary dance and physical theatre.

Actors would need to commit to both the stage and web show productions. Sadly this position is currently a voluntary position. There will be an option of a percentage profit share based on the takings we receive through the box office. We do find this situation deeply frustrating and Carnival are currently working to ensure performers do receive a wage for our projects in 2020. We are a new company and with no arts funding we are constantly trying to progress to the next stage where we can pay ourselves and our artists a wage. Paid work is always the priority and we will always insist that such work must come before our own. We shall be planning and organising the work around people’s schedules so that you’re not missing any other paid opportunities or day jobs.

We are looking for Actors with a North West base, ideally Manchester, who are exciting and versatile performers. There may be some dual role character opportunities as well if we happen to find the right performer.

Here is a breakdown and description of each character we are looking to cast:

The Libertine

The Libertine is the female protagonist superhero; she is a strong hero who protects what is left of Elysiad’s society. The Libertine is the sole superhero hope for Elysiad’s redemption. Her main powers are paralysis shock, strong hand to hand combat skills as well as creator of electromagnetic pulses and dark dimensions. The Libertine also has low level telepathy and near invulnerability to physical damage.

The Libertine will be required for both the stage show and web series of Elysiad.


Puma is a lone wolf antagonist who is incredibly elasticised and nimble. Puma is quick and seductive; she also has superhuman strength and is incredibly strong. She is also the love interest of The Libertine. This character is out for herself and could be represented through a gymnast performance maybe.

Puma will be required for both the stage show and web series of Elysiad.

Doctor Puzzler

Doctor Puzzler is a fiendish villain who is basically a crazed mentalist. He has the incredible powers of reading people’s thoughts, manipulating people’s memories and emotions. He can make people believe events have happened in their lives which never have and can make them feel fear, anger and ecstasy among so many more.

Doctor Puzzler will be required for both the stage show and web series of Elysiad.

The Hex

Hex has the gift of communicating with the occult; this is also a curse as Hex has communicated with these evil spirits for so long she has forgotten where this gift comes from or why she has it. The spirits have manipulated her mind to make her summon them to carry out evil deeds such as demon exorcisms and poltergeist activity.

The Hex will be required for both the stage show and web series of Elysiad.

The Children of Elysia

These are the gifted children of Mother Elysia who were the focal point of enlightenment in the days when the city of Elysiad was a harmonious nirvana. These children are extremely gifted; they can sense emotions, see through time in the past, the present as well as predict the future. They can communicate through telepathy and can heal the sick.

The Children of Elysia will be required for the stage show of Elysiad only with a brief cameo in one of the Elysiad web episodes.


Speculum’s true origin is unknown; she is highly intelligent, perceptive and communicates telepathically. Speculum is one of the most powerful Elysian’s The Libertine have ever seen. She appears to eerily mirror every single movement a person makes at the precise same time that the person makes it. Not only can she mirror movement but she can also mirror speech, she resembles the same purpose of one’s reflection in a mirror. She mirrors her victims to the point of insanity at which point telepathically she controls them. She is not an evil character, more misled and manipulated.

Speculum will be required for the web series of Elysiad only


Seraph is Elysiad’s main crime lord, who is killed by Benson in the opening episode only
To be resurrected by the Hex. Seraph is the subject of a revenge plot by Puma and also
Seeks to control the criminal underworld with an army of undead enforcers provided for
Him by Hex in exchange for financial support in rebuilding the Child of Elysiad ideal. He also
Seeks to unsuccessfully take The Ticking Shadow under his wing. Seraph is ruthless and truly dangerous.

Seraph will be required for the web series of Elysiad only

The Veil

This is an audio role. The Veil is an invisible entity who murders women. Razor tries to capture him and fails at the beginning of the opening episode. The Veil is also wanted by Puma in her vendetta to bring down the kingpins who wronged her. The Veil is a sleaze and very strange, yet wicked so the vocal is vital for this role

The Veil will be required for both the stage show and web series of Elysiad.


Bullett is an expert gunman and weapons expert who works within the criminal underworld
Of Elysiad. Bullett is also wanted in Puma’s vengeance.

Bullett will be required for both the stage show and web series of Elysiad.


Wraith is a part demon and part vampire who runs the casinos, prostitution and drugs
Rackets of Elysiad’s criminal underworld. Being a demon he can change his appearance
Resulting in being very seductive and hypnotic towards his victims. Puma once again seeks
To destroy him.

Wraith will be required for both the stage show and web series of Elysiad.

Police Mole

The police mole is a minor character who is manipulated by Doctor Puzzler to leak information as to what is happening within D.I. John Benson’s department.

Police Mole will be required for the web series of Elysiad only

Please send a covering letter stating which character or characters you would like to be considered for, your CV and headshot to; please also let us know what would be the ideal audition time for you between 12pm – 6pm on the 31st.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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