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3 x Male Actors Wanted - Semi-Scripted Branded Content For Lad Bible - 2 Days - £150/day

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19th September 2019   JOB CLOSED 
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3 x Male Actors Wanted - Semi-Scripted Branded Content For Lad Bible - 2 Days - £150/day - Chance To Travel!
Expenses paid - We will cover all travel expenses; flights, accommodation and will include per-diems for meals.

Gender: Male
Age: 25-30 (Legally you must be 25+)
Strong Improvisors Required
London Based
Travel/Overnight on Saturday 28th

Project Description:
Terra Nova are producing a piece of branded content for Gamble Aware which will be published by Lad Bible - designed to challenge negative betting behaviours; e.g. betting whilst drunk, betting whilst bored, chasing losses.

The piece will feature three fictional "lads" as they create a travelogue/vlog of their journey to an obscure European football game. The narrative will introduce the idea that one amongst their group has a bad habit of betting on particularly obscure European football. He has always claimed that he is ITK and knows what he is doing. In reality, the habit is the result of betting whilst drunk, bored and trying to win back his losses. To challenge these habits once and for all, his two friends have decided to get him to put his money where his mouth is by booking flights and tickets to see his "favourite" Slovakian football team, Spartak Trnava. As the video travelogue progress, and through a series of pre-determined (with improvised dialogue) comedy beats, it becomes increasingly obvious that our featured bettor knows very little about the team and that his habit needs re-evaluating.

We are looking for three male actors, with strong improvisation skills, who would travel with a small crew to shoot these comedy beats. The cast and crew would fly out to the featured country/city in Europe early on Saturday 28th, filming sequences en route, before attending a football match in question to film the in-game sequences.

There may be some pick-ups that would be required on Sunday 29th, but most of the content would be shot on Day 1, leaving Day 2 as a travel day back to London. In addition to the acting fee, or travel accommodation expenses will be covered in addition to a Per Diem for meals.

The film will be shot in the style of a Vlog so the acting style must be naturalistic, rough and believable to avoid the audience knowing that these characters are fictional. Please make sure to reflect this in your self tapes. Please feel free to apply for either or both of the two roles.

Character 1: James The Bettor
Character Description: James is your typical mid-twenties lad. Football is his main passion; he watches it, plays it, bets on it. To the increasing concern of his best mates, Dan and Tyler, he has started making a habit of betting on quite obscure European football matches; the Slovak Super League to be precise. In his opinion, he thinks you get better odds on smaller leagues and now considers himself a bit of an ITK expert. In reality, he bets on these teams when he's drunk or just bored because there isn't any other football on...

For your self tape, please improvise the following scenarios:
Scenario 1: You're at the airport checking in for your flight to Trnava with your two friends Dan and Tyler. The Check-In assistant asks you to hand over your passports and asks you where you are travelling to. To the glee of your mates, you realise in that moment that you don't know how to pronounce the name of the city that is the home of the team you claim to know so much about. You try and shrug off Dan and Tyler's jeering insults with a bullshit excuse about how you know loads about the club/players and wouldn't need to know how to pronounce a name to win bets.

Scenario 2:You're at the game. It's the 66th minute. Your favourite player has just been substituted on and so you're in the process of putting a bet on. Your confidence is completely undermined as in the proceeding seconds, the newly substituted striker proceeds to smash an absolute sitter over the bar.

Characters 2 and 3: Nick (and Tyler)
Character Description: Nick is your typical mid-twenties lad. Football is his main passion; he watches it, plays it at the weekend, goes to the pub with mates to discuss it. Over the last couple of months, Nick has noticed that best mate James has started betting more and more on very obscure European football and more often than not losing those bets. This is particularly annoying because James owes nick £50. Nick and other friend, Tyler, have schemed together to organise a trip to Slovakia to see the team James claims to know loads about, Spartak Trvnava. It's an opportunity for a lads weekend away, but hopefully the chance to get James to finally admit he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about and is wasting his money.

For your self-tape, please improvise the following scenarios.

Scenario 1: You are halfway through packing for your weekend away to Slovakia and have decided now would be a good opportunity to start the Travel Vlog. You introduce what your doing, where your going and your secret agenda; i.e. to get James to finally admit he's wasting his money on dodgy bets. You've got to be quiet though because James is in the next room packing his stuff too...

Scenario 2: You're in the Air-BNB in Trnava, getting ready to leave for the game. As a prank, you've decided to buy James a football kit to celebrate his first opportunity seeing his "beloved" Spartak Trvnava. Little does he know it is the kit for Trvnava's opponent. Filming the sequence for your Vlog, you give James the shirt with mock generosity, and encourage him to put it on straight away. You're holding back the laughter as you know it won't go down well with the locals!


Please ensure your self tapes, along with a covering letter and three headshots, are sent to

Please upload your tape to Vimeo/Youtube and provide a link at the BEGINNING of your cover letter - you may audition for all roles in one application.

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