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    Location: Bradford
    Gender: Female

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About Me

Read as a poem...P.s My poem's are like my second children, So don't steal, There copyrighted to me and if you do I'm suing you'r butt...Hopefully this will be understood. :0)

I have Brown hair and Brown eye's but no make up to disguise, I'm natural and sweet, I enjoy a little treat, Cute and chubby but tall not stubby. Twenty three I may be but time has been good to me, with my daughter aged three I sit under a tree and then I start to wonder, So here is what I ponder...
Zoe is my name, a life change is the aim, progression is the way that we live today. Confused in the past, nothing did last but now it's time to shine and live this life of mine. I want to do well with pride I swell, My baby will see what life can be...Debt men at the door, bills on the floor, this life I didn't want, it's time to change the font.
With endless possibility I just need responsibility, so I'm searching for a break, one I'm sure to take, this industry is calling, but I'm tripping and falling, I'm not giving in to me that's a sin. so I'll get my head down, I wont be a clown, no need to be a fool and no need to act cool.
I'm letting life's stream, create 'my' dream, round and round I go, better will be tomorrow, The thing I learn, creating each turn and in the end you will see, just what I can be.



 -  Catwalk
 -  Fashion

Employment History & Experience

I have had 7 unpaid experience gaining photo shoots.
I have been in a fashion show.



 -  Solo

Vocal Skills

 -  Pop

Employment History & Experience

I write and sing my own songs and any other's that I like the sound of.

Physical Details

Mixed Race
Skin Colour:
5 ft 6 in
9 st 13 lb
Dress Size:
10 to 12
34 in
29 in
34 in
Shoe Size:
5.5 UK
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Hair Style:

Languages Spoken

 -  English

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

I haven't had much experience in this field, Barely any in honesty but I'm confident and outgoing, I like to have fun with work and this line of work I believe to be interesting and fun.

Other Information

Relevant Skills

Hmmm I'm unsure to be honest, I guess I don't have much of relevance, but I'm a quick learner and enthusiastic. :0)

Interests & Hobbies

I love to write, song's, poems, words of wisdom anything really when it come's to writing.
I like watching T.v, Playing on my computer, surfing the net.
I like working fun and interesting jobs.
I like being active.
I like cleaning weird but true haha!

I like most things to be honest.

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