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Ryan Ferrie

Actor  Musician  Dancer  Extra

Playing Age: from 17 to 24
Location: London
Gender: Male

Ryan grew up in Hertfordshire and moved to Glasgow after accepting one of 12 places at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (previously RSAMD) on the newly formed BA Musical Theatre. Since...

Lynsey Pugh Professional Singer And Actor

Actor  Musician  Dancer

Playing Age: from 16 to 29
Location: Newport
Gender: Female

Im a bubbily, fun, outgoing person who loves to have a laugh as well as take my responsabilities seriously. I am very reliable and punctual and will always try my best to succeed in everything i...

Quiet Kid

Actor  Musician

Playing Age: from 18 to 20
Location: Swansea
Gender: Male

I am a multi-talented person myself. I have a keen interest in all forms of art. I play guitar, piano, concertina and sing. I write music constantly, and play music at numerous gigs. I am also an...

Chris Anderson

 Musician  Entertainer

Playing Age: from 16 to 23
Location: County Londonderry
Gender: Male

My name is Chris Anderson, I currently live in County L/Derry in Northern Ireland. I started singing when I was seven performing Queen and Elvis Presley songs at local events. When I was sixteen I...

Sandra Sorio

 Musician  Extra

Playing Age: from 16 to 27
Location: London
Gender: Female

Sandra was born in Kamen (Germany) on 8th February 1987, with a destiny for singing because she has the same name as Sandra Cretu a famous German singer, who Sandra’s father artistically...

Gemma Rose

Actor  Musician  Dancer  Entertainer

Playing Age: from 16 to 25
Location: Cardiff
Gender: Female

I am fun, outgoing and I am always eager to try new things and meet new people. Music is my passion, I love being on stage and performing weather this is performing my own songs or taking covers and...

Szuting Chao

Actor  Presenter  Musician  Extra

Playing Age: from 20 to 40
Location: London
Gender: Female

I am 31 years old female Chinese actress. and I am easy going and has different acting experience in the past. live, or studio, or recording, but mainly live. including host, I am very easy to...

Molly Longworth

Actor  Musician  Dancer

Playing Age: from 16 to 20
Location: Lancashire
Gender: Female

I am a young actress based in the North West. I am versatile and enthusiastic to new things. I am hard working and driven. I am from Blackburn and live in Chester on my own to attend performing arts...



Playing Age: from 20 to 26
Location: East Sussex
Gender: Female

I am a singer and have been since I was a little girl, wanting to enjoy a career in an industry that I love. - local band

Nikola Dee

Actor  Presenter  Musician  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 20 to 37
Location: London
Gender: Female

Greetings.I am producer and DJ who works independently and in cooperation with saxophone.We are working almost all species on stiles.We working through several countries in Europe and our desire is...

Tara Pendergast

Actor  Model  Musician  Dancer  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 16 to 27
Location: Manchester
Gender: Female

Hi there! I have had years of TV and radio experience but have been "out of the loop" for almost 10 years now. I have been focusing on singing/music, snowboard instruction and...

Juan Henderson

 Musician  Dancer  Extra

Playing Age: from 21 to 33
Location: London
Gender: Male

I am a very young looking 33 year old. I was born in Nicaragua and have lived in the UK since 1990. I moved to London in 1993 and have lived here ever since. moving quite a bit with family all...

Marina Bikou

 Presenter  Musician  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 16 to 22
Location: London
Gender: Female

Marina Bikou 22 years old Radio Presenter, DJ, journalist, sales assistant

Maria Caroline

Actor  Model  Musician  Dancer  Entertainer

Playing Age: from 16 to 28
Location: London
Gender: Female

I am currently studying in Professional Musical Theatre at Millennium Performing Arts in London. I am 22 years old and I am fluent in English and Greek.


 Model  Musician  Dancer  Entertainer

Playing Age: from 16 to 19
Location: Liverpool
Gender: Female

I'm 19 and have been playing the clubs since I was 15, I gig every weekend I got to boot camp on the X factor in 2012

«89101112 |  13 |  1415161718»