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Actor  Model  Musician  Dancer

Playing Age: from 17 to 22
Location: Hertfordshire
Gender: Male

My name is Freddie, i'm 19 from a small village in Hertfordshire. Most of my experience is in singing and acting from parts in amateur shows, but i aspire to broaden what experience I have and take...

Jermaine Rignace

Actor  Model  Musician  Extra

Playing Age: from 17 to 24
Location: London
Gender: Male

My name is Jermaine and I am 20 years old. I'm a very enthusiastic person and love working with others. I've been interested in acting since I was in school but haven't really took it that far &...

Naj Modak

Actor  Presenter  Model  Musician  Dancer  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 23 to 35
Location: Lincolnshire
Gender: Male

My main passion is screen acting and my acting career highlights to date have been appearing in a Bollywood film and also a music video with the band 'Stereophonics'. I am also proud of being cast in...


 Model  Musician  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 17 to 25
Location: London
Gender: Male

I am 22 years old. I am a guitarist, music producer and DJ from South East London, with a passion for all things musical. I stand out from the crowd in my appearance. I am interested in acting and...

Shaun Rackley

Actor  Presenter  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 20 to 30
Location: Surrey
Gender: Male

I have a BA Honers in Acting. I have been apart of many projects that ranges from the Theater to Radio to working in front of the camera. I am able to perform using a variety of accents (if...


Actor  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 16 to 30
Location: London
Gender: Male

Best attributes I bring to the table is my afro, gleaming personality, I would argue these points and more but I don't want to bore you... I would say that I listen very well and can learn very...

Dave Goodson

Actor  Presenter  Musician  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 16 to 33
Location: London
Gender: Male

Hello! If you are reading this, you have found my... sorry wrong note. So basically.... London and Essex based comedian, actor & writer. Which means I can make you laugh, I can make you cry...


Actor  Presenter  Model  Musician  Dancer  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 20 to 40
Location: London
Gender: Male

Handsome, tall, fit, vital and clever flight attendant who likes photo shoots, dancing, performing and many more beautiful and entertaining activities.

Sagar Sunar

 Presenter  Model  Musician  Dancer  Entertainer

Playing Age: from 20 to 30
Location: Hampshire
Gender: Male

Although not experienced in acting in any formal way. I am dancer and have experience of photoshoots as budding model. Due to expertise in dancing I have strong ability to change emotions and...


Actor  Presenter  Model  Musician  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 19 to 28
Location: London
Gender: Male

I have always enjoyed drama from secondary school, throughout university I maintained an interest in acting by appearing in a number of short films. Having now left university I am now committing...

Alex Baluta

Actor  Presenter  Model  Musician  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 19 to 27
Location: London
Gender: Male

I am a professional actor whose experience is a mixture of stage ( mainly ) and screen. My first love was, is and will always be the stage but I am more than interested in the latter at the same...


Actor  Model

Playing Age: from 18 to 25
Location: Birmingham
Gender: Male

I'm an approachable, friendly and motivated individual. With regards to acting I love drama, passion and larger than life characters - donning their personality as my own as I search for depth...

Eric Pilmoor

Playing Age: from 24 to 34
Location: Berkshire
Gender: Male

I am a dramatic person with little acting or modelling experience. I am interested on going on an acting course soon but I would like some real experience in media and arts.

Edmund Holmes

Actor  Musician

Playing Age: from 16 to 16
Location: Blackburn
Gender: Male

Currently attending Stonyhurst College in Lancashire, I\'ve completed two acting courses with Act2Cam based in Newcastle where I featured in two films and also helped with scriptwriting. I perform...

Joshua Note

Actor  Presenter  Musician  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 21 to 33
Location: Wakefield
Gender: Male

Hi I\\\'m Joshua Note, I host 2 podcasts on and I studied music at Leeds College of Music and Leeds University and I\\\'ve been a live show...

1 |  234567891011»