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Marie Taggart

Actor  Presenter  Musician  Dancer  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 16 to 19
Location: Birmingham
Gender: Female

I have always had a passion for performing and entertainment in many various forms. From dance, drama and music societies to working on writing, producing and acting in pieces I enjoy every aspect of...

Matthew Morse

Actor  Presenter  Musician  Dancer  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 18 to 26
Location: Southend-on-Sea
Gender: Male

I am a young and energetic individual looking to expand my experience in acting and the performing arts. Reliable and hardworking, fully committed when applying to casting calls and dedicated to the...

Charlotte Louisa

Actor  Presenter  Model  Dancer  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 16 to 25
Location: Derbyshire
Gender: Female

I enjoy having a full schedule filled with hobbies, coursework and sometimes a trip to the 'Coffee Shop'. I have a horse called Harlequinn who I see when back from University, I also enjoy fitness...


 Model  Musician  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 17 to 25
Location: London
Gender: Male

I am 22 years old. I am a guitarist, music producer and DJ from South East London, with a passion for all things musical. I stand out from the crowd in my appearance. I am interested in acting and...

Josh Roper-Knight

Actor  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 16 to 95
Location: East Sussex
Gender: Male

I am a 22 year old 6ft tall cheerful, naturally athletically built male, who is extremely outgoing, confident and versatile. I am willing to work hard and although lacking experience I more than make...

David Deanie Magician

 Presenter  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 20 to 36
Location: Manchester
Gender: Male

I am a close up Magician originally from Scotland- I Studied in Glasgow and Paris, performed internationally: Barcalona, France, Canada, Chicago. I have been performing magic for over 10 years...

Dave Goodson

Actor  Presenter  Musician  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 16 to 33
Location: London
Gender: Male

Hello! If you are reading this, you have found my... sorry wrong note. So basically.... London and Essex based comedian, actor & writer. Which means I can make you laugh, I can make you cry...

James Stephen

Actor  Presenter  Model  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 18 to 25
Location: London
Gender: Male

I am a funny, quirky and interesting person. I have had experience in all types of media. I have acted in many stage productions and student films, as well as directing a few myself. I studied...


Actor  Presenter  Model  Musician  Dancer  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 20 to 40
Location: London
Gender: Female

I enjoy life to the fullest and have just recently done some TV presenting at the Birmingham International Fashion Week where I interviewed designers, models, make up artists and special guests. I...

Sagar Sunar

 Presenter  Model  Musician  Dancer  Entertainer

Playing Age: from 20 to 30
Location: Hampshire
Gender: Male

Although not experienced in acting in any formal way. I am dancer and have experience of photoshoots as budding model. Due to expertise in dancing I have strong ability to change emotions and...


Actor  Presenter  Model  Musician  Dancer  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 18 to 28
Location: London
Gender: Female

Journalist, writer and immense fashion- music lover based in London, UK. Working as a dj and radio presenter/ producer has equipped me with all the necessary skills to understand and communicate all...


Actor  Musician  Dancer  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 18 to 30
Location: Norwich
Gender: Female

I am a Classical, Jazz, Motown and Contemporary vocalist, who has enjoyed gaining experience from singing at music festivals, talent competitions and wedding ceremonies. I also love writing sonnets,...

Ric Horley

Actor  Presenter  Model  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 24 to 36
Location: London
Gender: Male

Over 5 years' experience as a full time TV presenter (news, documentaries, interviews, chat, entertainment & variety performances for regional broadcast in China!) I'm tall, dark and lean, and...

Joshua Note

Actor  Presenter  Musician  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 21 to 33
Location: Wakefield
Gender: Male

Hi I\\\'m Joshua Note, I host 2 podcasts on and I studied music at Leeds College of Music and Leeds University and I\\\'ve been a live show...

Liam Phillips

Actor  Presenter  Musician  Entertainer  Extra

Playing Age: from 20 to 23
Location: Essex
Gender: Male

I am a hardworking, proactive, dedicated professional, with experience in the entertainment industry working for the biggest tour operator in the World, TUI UK & Ireland. I work in a much...

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