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  • 427 Profile Views
    Unique ID: martinx
  • Playing Age: from 36 to 36
    Gender: Male

About Me

I am a genuine, down to earth guy with GSOH seeking similar...ooh wrong site. Right well I am definately the above. I don't take life to seriously and like to have a laugh and be able to put a smile on the faces of others around me. I have a 11 year old boy from a previous (conviction) whom I think the world of even though he's all skinny jeans, huffs and puffs. Love yer man! I am very keen to get into television in any way, shape or form. My last girlfriend said I have a great face for radio so also up for any voice over work etc.

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

I don't have any media experience to speak of. I played the Prince's valet in Cinderella back in 86 but not sure that counts. I had an audition as a Blue coat many years ago but opted for another position.

Qualifications & Training

8 qualifications at GCSE level

Other Information

Relevant Skills

I personally believe I have the skills but again I have nothing to back this up with.
I'm always singing, being able to randomly burst into song as a result of someone merely saying a word or phrase e.g. My friend the other day said the word 'gold' in a sentence to which I subjected him to a rendition of the Spandau Ballet classic. I'm not sure if he has changed his number but I can't seem to get hold of him. He's a busy man obviously.
I also get a kick out of doing funny voices and impressions and sometimes act out certain movie classics. I'm not sure if I need to get out more!

Interests & Hobbies

I love all forms of sport especially football. I also love listening to music of all genres.

Miscellaneous Information

I'm very keen to get into anything that comes my way.

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