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  • 3,669 Profile Views
    Unique ID: kirah10
  • Playing Age: from 19 to 19
    Gender: Female

About Me

My name is shakirah and i am a model. i am 19 years old. i am 6`0ft dress size 8-10.
i have been modelling for over 1 year now and i really enjoy it. i would love to get more modelling jobs as think i have the height and look, as well as personality, however i woundt mind getting in to acting.

if you would like to work with with me please send me a message on casting now or

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

catwalk lessons

Qualifications & Training

travel and tourism (alevels)
bsl level 1

Other Information

Interests & Hobbies

i love to travel and experience new cultures.
I also like to do charity work in my spare time.

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