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 Model  Musician

  • 124 Profile Views
    Unique ID: josiah
  • Playing Age: from 25 to 31
    Location: London
    Gender: Male

About Me

My names josiah Thompson im currently living in London im aged 29 im a multi-talented person not say that im great at doing everything but im able to pick things up easily at the moment im just looking for work as a casting extra so I can see how the industry runs.also acting was something I was keen on doing when I was younger I took it up as a gcse but didnt persue it after I left school,I had a uncle who wanted to get me a roll on eastenders but I didnt take opportunity but better late than never.



Other Information

Relevant Skills

acting, writing music, making instrumental beats,Good at football basket ball table tennis, im good with number

Interests & Hobbies

learning about the universe,riding motorcycles learning about freemasonary

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