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 Actor  Extra

  • 11,327 Profile Views
    Unique ID: johnsuppiah
  • Playing Age: from 28 to 37
    Location: London
    Gender: Male


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John Suppiah - Actor's Reel



Extras Work, Partipant, Contestant

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

Short Film/Theatre:

Deliverer’s Consultancy Ltd -2010
Pharmaceutical Internal Corporate Video

Student Film – 2009, House Finder

About my Day, a short film whic was a participant in the 2007 TCM Classic Shorts Film Competition. Written and Directed by John Suppiah

METROPOLITAN Films School, filmed at Ealing Studios - 2006
Ed meet’s Erin Scene for Student Short Film.

METROPOLITAN Films School, filmed at Ealing Studios - 2006
A New Life with Maurice, A dark Comedy, playing a Man who meet
s a woman on the internet, they appear to be in love, but a path full of murder awaits.

Showreel’s – New York Film Academy, Acting for Film
Dum Deal, Buy Gun, The Tramp, Servant, A for X, The Game, The Recruit

Showreel – London Academy of Radio, Film& TV
The Table Turns - Dr Van Dern

Terry Pratchett’s a Men at Arms, playing Lord Plum at Questos Theatre Ealing, - 1999

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