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Hugi Leanon

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  • 8,171 Profile Views
    Unique ID: giddygoose
  • Playing Age: from 31 to 31
    Gender: Female

About Me

Ex-member of National Youth Theatre.

Looking for TV presenting work.

I'm half Kenyan and half Mancunian!

Mainly my style is friendly, coming across as a little ditzy but intelligent and sincere throughout. I can adapt my style to suit requirements.

I'm hardworking, effervescent and seriously ambitious. I'm anxious to start a career in TV presenting and voice-over.

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

Volunteer newsreader and community desk manager at BBC Radio Leeds - 2005-6

Gained experience as a news reporter at Calendar TV, Leeds - 2005.

Took a 3 week course on radio presenting and marketing with Galaxy radio Leeds - 2004

Work experience at Trafficlink, Manchester - 2004.

Presented own music radio show in Chorley - 1998.

Qualifications & Training

Politics degree - BA Hons 2:1
3 A-Levels - English, Latin & Politics
11 GCSEs - A-C

Other Information

Relevant Skills

Great at reading from auto-cue.

Have a passion for people and story-telling and can listen as well as talk.

I can write good copy and links.

Interests & Hobbies

My passion is going to the theatre which I do twice a month on average. I also enjoy hosting dinner parties; cinema-going; acting; dancing, singing and reading tons of gossip and fashion magazines. I enjoy daydreaming about other countries and planning more trips abroad.

Miscellaneous Information

I'm willing to travel anywhere for work.

Have my own car and full, clean driving licence.

I love dressing up and don't mind not taking myself too seriously.

I also have many unique ideas for TV programmes and would be happy to talk to a producer about them.

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