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 Actor  Presenter

  • 587 Profile Views
    Unique ID: cmanca
  • Playing Age: from 33 to 39
    Location: Glasgow
    Gender: Female


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Christina Manca: Showreel

Description: Taking Care of Business show reel. TLC 2004- 2005




 -  Internet/ Web
 -  TV

Specialist Areas

 -  Antiques
 -  Dating/ Match-Making
 -  Event
 -  Fashion
 -  Film
 -  Health & Fitness
 -  Lifestyle
 -  Media
 -  Travel
 -  TV Shows

Employment History & Experience

The Crews Premiere (Foghorn Entertainment): Presenter on the Red Carpet; 2010 Powerhouse Live! (Powerhouse Productions): Host; 2009 - present MancaTV (Drawing Board Design, Inc.): Web cast Producer/Host; 2008 - 10
WE: Mom's and Dad's Dream Day (Nancy Glass Productions): Host; 2006
HGTV: Bad Baths USA (NorthSouth Productions): Host; 2005
TLC: Taking Care of Business (Granada America): Host; 2004 - 5
HGTV: Smart Design (Nancy Glass Productions): Expert Designer; 2004
TedTV Show (Ted Smits Productions) Host; 2003

Physical Details

Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Hair Style:

Languages Spoken

 -  English
 -  French
 -  Italian

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

LOCATIONS: "Jungle 2 Jungle", Walt Disney Productions
Feature Film, Director: John Pasquin, Locations Manager: Daniel Strol

SET DECORATOR: "Alice in Videoland", VH1
Lafff Traxxx Television Segments, Director: Chris McCumber, Set Designer: Kevin Largent

SET DECORATOR: Mariah Carey "Butterfly"
CD Signing at Tower Records, Set Designer: Linda Falzarano

SET DECORATOR: Phajja "So Long", Oil Factory, Inc.
Music Video, Director: Frank Sacramento, Production Designer: Michael Krantz

SET DECORATOR: "The Florentine", American Zoetrope
Feature Film, Director: Nick Stagliano, Production Designer: Stephen McCabe

SET DECORATOR: "Too Tired to Die", Black Swan Productions
Feature Film, Director: Wonsuk Chin, Production Designer: Lisa Albin

SET DECORATOR: "Six Ways to Sunday", Sunday Films
Feature Film, Director: Adam Bernstein, Production Designer: Teresa Mastropierro

SET DECORATOR: "The Sticky Fingers of Time", Good Machine, Inc.
Feature Film, Director: Hilary Brougher, Production Designer: Teresa Mastropierro

ART DIRECTOR: "Sweat Shop", Sweatshop Productions
Short Film, Director: Andrew Podell, Production Designer: Rolf Grimsted

SET DECORATOR: "Sudden Manhattan", Sudden Pictures
Feature Film, Director: Adrienne Shelly, Production Designer: Teresa Mastropierro

SET DECORATOR: "Jaded", Shooting Gallery Productions
Feature Film, Director: Caryn Krooth, Production Designer: Mark White

INTERN: "I Love You, I Love You Not", Miramax
Feature Film, Director: Billy Hopkins, Production Designer: Bill Barclay

Other Information

Interests & Hobbies

Interior Design

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