Anais McTavish

Anais McTavish

 Musician  Entertainer  Extra

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  • Playing Age: from 16 to 16
    Location: Argyll and Bute
    Gender: Female

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About Me

I'm 12 years old, I love sports, school, family, friends, and I like to play computergames aswell, I love PA too, I was born in France, Auch, and grew up there for 7 years before I went to Scotland for 3 years because I'm half Scottish and my dad wanted me to learn English, I have a younger brother and sister and I spent a year in Finland, I have Spanish blood in me from my grandpa's side


Instruments Played

 -  Guitar
 -  Keyboard


Extras Work, Partipant, Contestant

Physical Details

White/ Caucasian
Skin Colour:
1 ft in
Dress Size:
12 to 14
Shoe Size:
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Hair Length:
Hair Style:

Languages Spoken

 -  English
 -  French
 -  Italian
 -  Spanish

Experience & Qualifications

General Experience

I have never really gone on a show or tv but I have done school plays and musicals and I have videos up on YouTube and Facebook, I have little experience in acting as I am still learning but I would love to be cast in a film or tv show

Qualifications & Training

I do not go to a Performing Arts school but I do practise a lot at home after I finish homework and hobbies and I'd just love to learn more

Other Information

Relevant Skills

I consider myself to be brilliant at making people laugh as I do that every single day, I'm great at sports, I've been doing sports since I can remember, I love music and acting and I'm learning the drums, comedy is something I'm good at most in acting but I am quite good at fantasy/action stuff

Interests & Hobbies

Tennis, Football, Judo, Guitar, keyboard, recorder, swimming, climbing, cycling, playing board games and videogames, golf, skiing, hockey, ice skating, snow boarding, playing drums

Miscellaneous Information

I was born in Southern France in Auch and lived in France until I was 7 when I moved to Scotland to learn english and move school there 3 different times, and from 11 to 12 I've stayed in Finland
I love animals and being outdoors and active and I support a few charities too

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