More and More Enquiries about New Talent from Production Houses

September 25, 2012, Manchester:  The well known casting agency, Casting Now is receiving more and more enquiries from major production houses who are in search of fresh talent. As per a company official, recently there has been an upsurge for more and more budding television and movie stars, as well as models. The UK film industry is going through a decent time owing to the success of various blockbusters lately and TV shows that has viewers all over the world. Production houses are coming up with newer and innovative programs to cater to the increasing demand for English shows. Old shows are revamped and being presented in a fresh manner and that is one of the reasons directors are looking to cast fresh faces in their flicks and shows.

Not only television and movies, several news channels are also on a look out for fresh TV presenters. With vast number of television news, entertainment and lifestyle channels shooting up, demand for new and talented presenters is at an all time high. And this is not confined to a particular age group. As per the company official, if you are talented and have a zest of excelling in media, then this is the best opportunity for you.

To quote Paxton Gibbs,” There was a time that I was literally on the road looking for my film career to start. However nothing was going the way I wanted it to go. I was so depressed that I finally decided to quit my film ambitions and go back to my native town. My family and friends were also worried and asked me to come back. I was tired of waiting in long queues outside the production houses, rarely ending up with the role of a movie extra. Then at an audition, another budding actor suggested me to have my profile on Casting Now. I contacted them and within a week I was called for an interview by a production company for the role of a sergeant in a documentary feature. Thank you Casting Now.”

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Casting Now is a casting resource run by the ex TV and casting professionals. The company provides a platform to the budding talent to showcase their talent to the major production houses. Through its extensive network of casting agents, the company is involved with many success stories and changing lives of budding actors, dancers, models, singers, presenters and extras.

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