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Lets Aspiring Actors Do Away With Casting agents London

June 20, 2011, London, Press Release: Throughout the UK, there are over hundreds of people who purport to be casting agents and acting agents. These casting agents London make promises to aspiring actors and young artists that they know where actors are wanted but are actually only after money. Young actors waste a lot of their time, energy, and money in running after such casting agents in London. helps aspiring actors do away with such acting agents and agencies and enables them to find film extras work, tv extra work, tv presenting jobs, and acting casting auditions on their own. Read the rest of this entry »

The ultimate resource to find film extra and tv extra work

May 18, 2011, London, Press Release: For aspiring actors, finding film extra and tv extra work is an intimidating task. In the absence of any contacts and adequate knowledge about where film extras are requires or tv extras are wanted, most aspiring actors go through a frustrating and annoying life experience. Though there are people who claim to be casting agents, and make promises to find extras work, most of them are only after money. is the ultimate place for aspiring actors to find extras work in films and TV. Read the rest of this entry »

The Leading Resource to know about Acting Auditions & where actors are wanted

April 19, 2011, London, Press Release: Getting invitations to acting auditions and finding out where actors are wanted or where they are casting extras is really hard for aspiring actors. There are casting agents who promise to offer acting work and claim they can get invitations to actors auditions but most of them are really after money. is a genuine and reliable source to know about open auditions, casting auditions for extras and lead roles, and to know where there are actors wanted. Read the rest of this entry »

Trust to find acting jobs in TV and films

London/March 30, 2011/Press Release: Most aspiring actors rely on London acting agencies to help them find acting jobs in TV and films. No doubt, London acting agencies have massive industry connections that they use for finding acting jobs for their individual clients. Some producers and directors in the film fraternity and TV totally depend on these acting agencies for finding well-matched actors for the roles that they have to offer. Read the rest of this entry » is the best resource to find presenter jobs

Press Release/UK, London/February:

Are you looking for TV presenter jobs? Are you planning to hire a casting agent? Or, are you tired of visiting casting agencies’ offices but haven’t been able to realize your dreams? Well, here is the best resource to find presenter jobs quickly and easily and make all your dreams come true. Read the rest of this entry »