Casting Process and the Selecting Panel

Casting is a method that is primarily used to select or cast actors, dancers, singers, musicians, models and extras for a film or television programme or live or recorded performance. To get selected for a specific role, aspirants and talents have to appear before a casting panel that basically includes a producer, director, musician, actor and dancer.

The casting process starts with screening of aspirants’ profiles through their resumes, different video tapes and head shots. After the successful scrutiny of profiles through a proper channel, selected aspirants are asked to perform before the panel so that they can be selected for films or television programmes on the basis of their acting skills and abilities. After the pre-audition process, aspirants get an audition call to appear before the panel and give their performances. In the final casting process, aspirants have to pass through an audition or a series of auditions with their already prepared audition pieces. Sometimes, they can be asked to perform individually or in a group. The panel evaluates their hidden talents and ability to work with other artists. After being selected by the panel, successful aspirants get an entry into the world of colours and dreams. A casting agency always plays an important role in connecting an aspirant to the panel amicably through a process. For more information please visit

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