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Casting Now is the leading online source that lists the latest and the best film extra opportunities in UK

March, 31, 2012, London: There are innumerable options available online for aspiring and young actors find right type of acting jobs for themselves. There are several websites that list film extra work and extras film work opportunities in UK. These websites are a great help to young actors because they save them from casting agents who make false promises and try to pull money from them. Out of dozens such websites, is indeed the best online stop for locating hot film extra job in UK. Read the rest of this entry »

Why go online to find film extra work?

If you are a struggling actor looking for film extra work to get into the entertainment industry or you are someone who is interested in extras work to experience the glitter and glitz of the silver screen, it is advisable to go online to find extra work. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips to convert auditions in to an opportunity

If you are a struggling actor, it can be quite exciting and satisfying to get the auditions calls. But remember that the judges present at the casting auditions are highly experienced and you need to prove them that you are talented and that you qualify for the role. Given blow are some tips that you follow to convert auditions into an opportunity: Read the rest of this entry »